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Check out Butterfleye at CES

Check out Butterfleye at CES

Butterfleye is at CES! Come check us out at the Ooma booth, which is located at the Sands Hall A-D 42731.

We are very happy to be a part of the Ooma family, come see a live demo of how Butterfleye camera works with Ooma’s home security sensors. At our booth you can also see the features we just released in software update 1.4.0 and learn more about Pre-buffer, our automatic 5 second buffer added to video events.

This is the first time you can see Butterfleye integrated into the Ooma home security app!

Butterfleye vs Arlo Pro & Nestcam [compare]

Butterfleye vs Arlo Pro & Nestcam [compare]

Butterfleye compared to Arlo Pro & Nestcam


Butterfleye has four distinct advantages over other WiFi security cameras.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Works during power and internet outages
  • No base station
  • Less false alarms

Butterfleye Has Facial Recognition and Other Smarts

Butterfleye incorporates the latest technology into our cameras. We use computer vision and artificial intelligence to drive our facial recognition capabilities. Facial recognition allows you to know exactly who came and who went.

Works During Power and Internet Outages: Butterfleye Has a Built in Backup Battery and Internal Memory.

If power and/or internet is cut, Butterfleye still monitors and records every event it sees with its backup battery and 16GB of onboard storage. Never miss a moment due to unexpected circumstances with Butterfleye.

No Base Station (Truly Wire Free)

No base station means you can bring Butterfleye anywhere you'd like. Move it from your home to your office without any extra work.

Base stations create a second network on top of your existing solution. Butterfleye integrates with your existing WiFi set up and allows you to completely rely on your router or mesh network you have set up. Base stations have limited range capabilities (around 100 feet), which takes away from the ability to effectively monitor.

No False Alarms & Activity Based Recording

Gone are the days of getting notifications from the wind blowing a tree branch or a shadow moving with the sun.

Butterfleye uses a patent pending technology, Activity Based Recording (ABR), which allows for Butterfleye to distinguish a person walking from that of a tree branch blowing. Our technology looks for heat sources and uses computer vision to take into account the size of the object it is monitoring, leading to a positive detection.

How Does Butterfleye Secure Your Property Best?

How Does Butterfleye Secure Your Property Best?


Butterfleye has distinct differences between that of Arlo Pro and Blink. Below are the differences.

Butterfleye has:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Works during power and internet outages
  • No base station
  • Less false alarms

Butterfleye’s Facial Recognition feature allows users to know exactly who came and who went - while cataloging the videos so you can easily go back and see what happened.

Butterfleye built a robust security system that can survive the most difficult weather and burglar scenarios. With a built in backup battery and 16GB of internal memory, Butterfleye can keep monitoring through any power and internet issue.

Butterfleye connects to your wireless network while our Blink and Arlo require you to use a base station or sync module to gain access to the internet. This creates two challenges for users: 1. Putting a network over a network creates a security gap that can be exploited. With a base station you have no ability to secure the connection. 2. Users who have an existing mesh network cannot take advantage of the network they have invested in. Instead, the base station requires a connection to the internet router and only has a range of about 100 feet.

Butterfleye is packed with advanced sensors with dramatically reduces false alarms. Less false alarms means you only get alerts you care about. Butterfleye has motion, audio, person, pet, and anti-tamper alerts.


Setting Up Butterfleye + First Experience

Setting Up Butterfleye + First Experience

Until recently, security cameras were only for individuals who had multi-million dollar houses and for businesses that transacted a high volume of cash payments. It wasn’t because no one else wanted or needed security cameras, but the cost to set up and maintain security cameras was $2,000+.

Security cameras do more than catch criminals’ actions; they mitigate risk, lower insurance premiums, and create an understanding of when traffic peaks at your business or around your home. Recently, Butterfleye has released a WiFi powered security camera that gives users insights into what happens while they're at their business, as well as when they are away. Butterfleye allows you to secure your business by detecting motion, sound, and thermal changes in the environment it is monitoring

What is Butterfleye? Butterfleye is a WiFi connected security camera that allows you to see what’s happening in real time, as well as go back in the history of what the camera saw if a problem arises.

The pricing starts off at $199 for the white Ooma Butterfleye and $249 for black Ooma Butterfleye. It comes with free cloud storage (7 days) and you can upgrade to very powerful features and more cloud storage, which starts off at $9.99 per month.

Butterfleye ships their camera with a power cord & adapter, a built in rechargeable battery, quick start guide, and unlimited customer support.

Butterfleye is built with a lithium ion battery (certified), high quality plastic, and advanced computer vision and sensors. It is built in Taiwan, so you know every detail is given attention.

Upon unboxing Ooma Butterfleye, you are immediately struck with the high quality of the build.

Aesthetically, Ooma Butterfleye looks great wherever you put it. It is often not noticed; but when it is, people are complimentary of the camera albeit a little creeped out. Butterfleye definitely isn't a spy cam and does not look like a traditional security camera.

Set Up Process After you download and install the app, you can pair the Butterfleye camera in 3 steps. You first create an account, turn on your bluetooth, connect the camera to bluetooth and WiFi, and you can view the live view and use all the features (see pictures below).

Step 1: Turn your Butterfleye on and wait to see a green LED light followed by a constant blue LED light. This notifies you that your Butterfleye is able to be paired.



Once Butterfleye is connected, the next screen you will see is a page to connect to the WiFi network. Butterfleye connects to a 2.4 Ghz frequency. Find your WiFi network, enter the password, tap the check mark on the top right of the page, and you are connected.

Ooma Butterfleye will automatically save and reconnect to 100 networks, so you are able to bring your Ooma Butterfleye anywhere and automatically reconnect if you have been there before. 

Butterfleye accepting WiFi password

The last step for setting up your Ooma Butterfleye security camera will be to name the camera. Since we set it up in our office, we named the camera "Office". 

Once paired, you are able to navigate the Butterfleye app, taking advantage of all the features and tools Ooma Butterfleye has built. You may add a Membership to take advantage of facial recognition, 2 way audio, and long term cloud storage. Don't worry, if you choose not to add membership, your experience will not affected as you are still able to livestream, download, and playback events in the Butterfleye app.

Butterfleye App The Butterfleye app is available for Android and iOS. See compatible devices on Butterfleye’s website (

The interface of the app is good and it has all the functionality displayed in an easy to navigate way. You can add as many cameras as you would like, all for free. 

The app is where I expect an app in 2017 to be. I am able to schedule notifications, which allows me to control when I want to be notified of activity the camera sees and when I don’t. For my situation, it is nice because from 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM my office is busy, so I would expect to see notifications and wish not to receive the notifications.

Another cool feature is the Auto Privacy Mode, which allows you to automatically arm the camera based on your geolocation. This would be good for someone who likes to maintain their privacy and not be recorded when home. Basically, when you get 200 feet away from your home Butterfleye turns on and starts monitoring, come within 200 feet and Butterfleye turns off.

Advanced Use Butterfleye has a PIR sensor below the camera’s lens. Butterfleye has a colored night vision that is brought to life by this sensor.

Butterfleye's PIR sensor

The camera records high quality video and streams in the same recording quality. You can zoom in (up to 8x) without losing any quality and are able to quickly download and send the video recordings.

The most intriguing attribute of Ooma Butterfleye is their Facial Recognition technology. I have had Ooma Butterfleye for about a week now and it has stored over 30 faces. Tagging each face is a bit burdensome, but it has been auto tagging faces a lot more frequently than when I initially set up the camera.

Each face has a folder associated with it, where every video recording the face was seen is timestamped and catalogued. Butterfleye shipped this feature on the premise that you will be able to tell who was seen, how many people were seen, and at what time.

Butterfleye has both cloud storage and internal memory; if the WiFi is spotty the camera still works and if the power fails, it has a back up battery that lasts about a month.

Conclusion Ooma Butterfleye creates a unique opportunity for homes and businesses to see what’s going on and makes use of that information. The analytical capabilities mixed with high tech features creates a solution that solves problems across the board. It answers the questions who came to my business? What day & time did they come? Are employees of the business clocking in and clocking out themselves? How can I improve the experience?

Also, the fact that everything you type, download, or access on Ooma Butterfleye is encrypted is a big plus, as the horror stories of what happened to the generic WiFi cameras dominate the media. 

Ooma Butterfleye creates a secure way to monitor and secure your home and business, reducing insurance costs while amplifying peace of mind.

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