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How to add Butterfleye Membership (subscription)

How to add Butterfleye Membership (subscription)

Butterfleye security camera is as complex as the human head, it has ‘eyes’ and a ‘brain’. Butterfleye combines great hardware (eyes) with computer vision and machine learning (brains) to figure out what’s happening and notify you of the most important information - fast and securely.

Butterfleye offers a premium subscription plan we call “Butterfleye Membership.” Not only does Butterfleye Membership increase the duration of your cloud storage, but it opens up a huge toolset of features.  All Memberships are per account, not per camera, enabling you to add as many connected cameras for a single monthly or yearly price. All Memberships are managed through Apple subscriptions manager, ensuring your credit card information is securely stored and you upgrade and cancel your Membership at any time.

Included Membership features are:

Facial Recognition

2-Way Talk

GeoFencing (location based privacy mode)

Notification Schedule

Here is how you add Butterfleye Membership:

1.Tap on the ‘Want to see events older than 12-hours?’ button.

2. Then, choose the plan that fits your desired storage duration. Our most popular plan is the 30-Day Storage.

3. After selecting your desired plan, click ‘Ok’ to confirm your selection.

4. Once confirmed, you will get a success notification, ensuring your Membership is added.

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