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How Does Butterfleye Secure Your Property Best?

How Does Butterfleye Secure Your Property Best?

Traditionally, security cameras are wired in and powered over ethernet. Now, there are emerging solutions with wireless capabilities. 

The Facial Recognition feature Butterfleye offers is in partnership with Amazon AI, allows our community to know exactly who came in front of the camera and at what time. This is important when you are expecting your dog walker to walk Fido at noon, but the dog walker doesn't show up until 12:30. Also, you are able to see where the dog walker went in your home and if they wandered to a room they had no business being in. Our community also uses Butterfleye to check in on their kids, to make sure they got home on time and monitor who they brought with them.

The design of Butterfleye is superior to that of Arlo and Blink. All three are wireless cameras and have great recording and live stream resolution (Arlo & Blink = 720p, Butterfleye 1080p).

Butterfleye is different, because it does not require a hub to function. You never have to replace the battery and it is the only camera that has internal memory, so that you can record, even when there is a power or internet failure.

Butterfleye records in full HD video and has a field of view of 120° (10° more than Arlo and Blink). The extra field of view lets Butterfleye capture scenes from wall to wall and ceiling to floor.

Butterfleye has built in color night vision, that allows you to see in the dark and raise the brightness of the video accordingly. Arlo has a good black and white night vision and Blink actually just shines a light to see in the dark. 

The battery life of Butterfleye can last 3-4 months, but with normal to heavy usage, typically lasts 4 weeks. The battery charges by connecting a power supply and recharges in 4 hours. When compared to it's competitors, Butterfleye is truly the only wireless camera on the market, because it does not require a hub. 

Butterfleye is also the only wireless camera that allows for videos to be stored on the actual camera; this is truly a great feature for the times when the power goes out or the WiFi is spotty to non existent. Butterfleye is shipped with 16-32 gigabytes of internal memory. 


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