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Find & Identify [Feature inside Butterfleye camera]

Find & Identify [Feature inside Butterfleye camera]

Find & Identify is a little known- secret feature we have, accessible within the Butterfleye app. This feature can be found on the top of the Camera Details page. When you tap ‘Find & Identify’ a solid blue LED light appears on the Butterfleye that you are currently changing settings for. This allows you to successfully know if the camera is powered on and functioning, which specific camera you are looking at (if you have multiples), and if you are in bluetooth range of the Butterfleye.

This feature is important for users with multiple cameras that may be trying to locate exact camera to place back in the correct location. A lot of the times after charging or switching locations, we lose track of exactly which camera is which. This feature eliminates having to live stream and go through trial and error to find the exact cameras you are looking for.

With multiple cameras you can easily locate, manage, and edit each camera with a tap of a button.

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