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Facial Recognition force touch image is now released!

Facial Recognition force touch image is now released!

We are constantly inundated with push notifications; from the likes on our social media to the false alarms of the traditional alarm company, oftentimes notifications have very low utility and are downright meaningless. Today, Butterfleye makes your life easier. Butterfleye notifications now attach images to each notification, so you are able to see exactly who came into your home or office.

With Butterfleyes facial recognition, you know exactly who came and went. But, when an unknown face appears, Butterfleye immediately helps you identify if it is a cause for concern or just the normal happenings of your home.

With 3D touch (available on iPhone 6s and later), you are able to hold down on the notification and get a larger image to identify who was seen at your home or business. Butterfleyes facial recognition sees anyone and everyone who enters the room; with multi face detection, you’re never out of the loop.

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