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Butterfleye's Biggest Update Ever

Butterfleye's Biggest Update Ever

Butterfleye Members now have access to Facial Recognition & 2-Way Audio

Butterfleye is constantly releasing tools and features to better help our community secure and monitor their homes and businesses. We purposely built Butterfleye to get smarter over time. We always have a plan for the future, which involves incorporating the latest technology to make Butterfleye the best wireless security camera.

Yesterday, we released two new features, Facial Recognition & 2-Way Audio. We also opened up Privacy Mode for every Butterfleye user. Below, is a demo and description of what the features can do and how we see them fitting into the Butterfleye ecosystem.

Facial Recognition:

Facial Recognition was developed in partnership with Amazon Rekognition; this feature gives users the ability to customize their alerts and environment dependent on who is seen. Butterfleye is able to identify individual humans (which you tag) and pets, letting you know exactly who came and went and at what time.

Say Hello with Butterfleye’s 2-Way Audio:

The most sought after feature from our Members was 2-Way Audio. 2-Way Audio allows you to communicate with whoever is in front of your Butterfleye camera. With Butterfleye’s App version 1.7.7 you will be able to talk back and forth with your Butterfleye device immediately.

Butterfleye gives you a voice at your home or business no matter where in the world you are; talk to your kids, dog, and employee with Butterfleye 2-Way Audio.


Privacy Mode:
Privacy Mode allows users to put their camera to sleep without manually turning the Butterfleye on or off. This allows for your home to remain private when you’re home and to arm your surveillance when you are away. Previously, only Members had access to this feature. But, as we roll out new features, we will release premium features that increase users’ Butterfleye experience.


These new features are included in Butterfleye Membership, which allows for 7, 30, or 365 day cloud storage on a rolling basis. As we move forward, membership will give you exclusive access to improvements and future features, all at one low cost. Membership is purchased on an account basis and not a per camera basis. *Upgrade inside the Butterfleye app

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