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Butterfleye vs Arlo Pro & Nestcam [compare]

Butterfleye vs Arlo Pro & Nestcam [compare]

Butterfleye compared to Arlo Pro & Nestcam


Butterfleye has four distinct advantages over other WiFi security cameras.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Works during power and internet outages
  • No base station
  • Less false alarms

Butterfleye Has Facial Recognition and Other Smarts

Butterfleye incorporates the latest technology into our cameras. We use computer vision and artificial intelligence to drive our facial recognition capabilities. Facial recognition allows you to know exactly who came and who went.

Works During Power and Internet Outages: Butterfleye Has a Built in Backup Battery and Internal Memory.

If power and/or internet is cut, Butterfleye still monitors and records every event it sees with its backup battery and 16GB of onboard storage. Never miss a moment due to unexpected circumstances with Butterfleye.

No Base Station (Truly Wire Free)

No base station means you can bring Butterfleye anywhere you'd like. Move it from your home to your office without any extra work.

Base stations create a second network on top of your existing solution. Butterfleye integrates with your existing WiFi set up and allows you to completely rely on your router or mesh network you have set up. Base stations have limited range capabilities (around 100 feet), which takes away from the ability to effectively monitor.

No False Alarms & Activity Based Recording

Gone are the days of getting notifications from the wind blowing a tree branch or a shadow moving with the sun.

Butterfleye uses a patent pending technology, Activity Based Recording (ABR), which allows for Butterfleye to distinguish a person walking from that of a tree branch blowing. Our technology looks for heat sources and uses computer vision to take into account the size of the object it is monitoring, leading to a positive detection.

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