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6 tips to keep your property secure

6 tips to keep your property secure

Burglary is on the rise in America. As the economy has grown over the last decade, the amount of property dollar loss per burglary has skyrocketed with it. America’s police departments are under fire and dealing with property loss is not a priority as budget cuts and increased violent crimes reshape how the police force is distributed. This shift in policing has made it necessary for civilians to deter crime and compile evidence of burglaries for insurance purposes.

Securing your property must be proactive rather than reactive. A majority of security cameras in America are installed after the crime has occurred. Over 4,800 burglaries are committed everyday at a loss of $2,241 per break-in. Below are preventive tips and solutions to help you combat this 4 billion dollar per year crime.

1.Controlling physical access to areas in the workplace is a way to keep the business safe. Establish a procedure for distributing keys, including who gets one and how you keep track of the keys when an employee leaves the company. If you keep confidential or valuable information, products or equipment in the workplace, keep these items secured in a locked room with access only to those who use the items. Keep entrances to the building locked on the outside to prevent people who don't work for you from entering. Limit access by customers to one entrance that is monitored continuously.

2. Security cameras are undergoing a technological revolution. Legacy systems (ADT and Alarm1) dominate the industry but consumer preferences are turning to more on-demand, customer centric solutions. The “smart” security camera is becoming mainstream and the benefits are astounding. Almost 90% of calls to the police from security systems were false alarms in 2016. Legacy systems store files on a NVR located inside the location it is monitoring. This is a huge security gap, as the burglar is able to destroy the recording. Smart solutions upload to the cloud or Local Area Network and store directly to your phone. Smart security camera allow users to continuously control their security system no matter where they are in the world, giving 24/7 monitoring via smartphones. Smart notifications allow users to know exactly who entered & exited and at what time. Butterfleye is leading the smart camera revolution, incorporating facial recognition technology and advanced thermal detection sensors to give you the most accurate - personalized platform.

3.Digital locks are a great way to monitor and check who has come in and at which times. Security is greatly improved when subjects know there is logs of their in/out privileges. Most digital locks allow for scheduling of when/who can open each door, allowing business owners to make sure no one is entering when they should not be.

4.Securing windows will greatly improve security, a majority of burglaries happen when a window is not properly closed and/or locked. Setting motion and sound tabs on windows is a great security feature that will incorporate to the overall goal of security and peace-of-mind. According to the FBI, almost 30% of all burglars gain access through windows. Windows are left unlocked at much higher rates than doors, especially in the summer time as people are opening and closing windows more frequently.

 5.Burglars are less likely to target businesses that have lights-on and a changing environment. Installing external motion activated lights and internal smart lights to create a false narrative that the building is occupied goes a long way in removing your business/home as a potential target. Illuminate shadowed part of your home and access points with motion-activated floodlights. Burglars plan their crimes over a period of time, often watching for weeks, before committing the crime. Creating uncertainty in the burglar's mind of when your business is occupied is critical in removing yourself as a target.

6.Putting signage on your business and home is vital to keeping your property safe. But putting the right signs are important as giving too much information about your system allows burglars to better disarm your system - giving you false security. Posting general alarm or monitoring signs is better than company specific security signs.

All of these tips will better protect your property, but they must be implemented before the crime occurs. Only 13.6% of burglars in 2015 were caught, but over 75% of that total was caught due to security footage.



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