Always on, Always recording.

Protect your business with security that goes above & beyond — putting you in control from anywhere.

“That camera-with-a-brain twist tweaks Butterfleye from passive security guard to smart assistant."

“Butterfleye is smart enough not to waste [cloud] storage space and battery recording a curtain waving in the wind.”

Designed to give you smarter alerts when you need it the most.

Butterfleye is an intelligent, reliable, versatile and cordless security camera.

Butterfleye (Single)
  • Face & person recognition

    The regulars won't trigger alarms.

  • Military Grade Detection

    Ensuring no false alarms.

  • 16GB Storage

    Works without internet.

  • 3.5MP Wide Angle Lens

    2K image / 1080p video and low light sensitivity.

  • Motion & Sound Sensor

    Eliminates device tampering.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

    Up to six months battery life and no wires. 

Why Choose Butterfleye?

Butterfleye provides reliable, intelligent and cost effective security.

Wireless Recording

Avoid the messy and expensive installations. Butterflyeye either runs on battery power or through power outlets. Start recording straight out of the box

Two-Way Audio

A speaker on the camera connects to your iPhone app, so you can communicate in real time to send greetings or warnings to whomever is around.

Fixed Prices for Storage

We offer multiple cloud storage options with flat pricing regardless of the amount of connected cameras. Choose from weekly, monthly or yearly plans.

100x Less Data

Other solutions have huge video files to sift through and upload, but Butterfleye only records when it needs to - saving you time, storage and sanity.

Power Independent

Butterfleye falls back on battery and data to keep recording for multiple months. So even if a criminal cuts the power, Butterfleye will keep you secure.

Military Grade Detection

Other solutions will send you false alerts when there’s motion. Butterfleye uses Military Grade sensor technologies to give you accurate alerts.

Share Instantly

Through our iPhone app you can quickly and easily share video events with your business partner, family, neighborhood watch groups and social media sites.

Live-view from your phone

The iPhone app streams a live 24/7 video feed, so you're free to check in on your business, office or home whenever you want regardless of where you are.

We love the love.

"I am very fond of the motion activated recording, as well as notification of any loud noise . . .  I would highly recommend Butterfleye to anyone that needs a wireless monitoring security system."

"Love my Butterfleye! It's the best home monitoring solution so far. The AI behind monitoring saves time scrolling through countless hours of uneventful video. Solid product design and seems sturdy."

"I also like the functionality of the iPhone app - ability to view past 'events', view a live stream, configure what events to react to, etc.. There are a number of camera products available in the marketplace, today — Butterfleye gets it right!"

Butterfleye reinvents the traditional office security system.

We offer you more, for much less.


Traditional Alarm Company

Camera Price

  • $249
  • $299 - $5,000

Storage Price

  • $4.99/mo.
  • $65/mo. - $200/mo.

Setup Fee

  • $0
  • $99 - $5,000


  • Self-setup in 1 minute.
  • Download app, turn camera on and program to Wifi.
  • Professional installation is required.
  • Day installation of drilling holes in your walls.


  • No contract.
  • 3 years minimum contract at $4,000+.
  • No termination options available.
  • If you don't cancel within the contract, fine print auto-renewal clauses will automatically charge another nonrefundable $4,000+.


  • 100% cordless.
  • Immediate software support.
  • Advance software with ABR (patent pending).
  • Military grade detection technology (advanced human detection).
  • Old hard-wired technology.
  • No software support.

Remote Viewing

  • Free 24/7 video live-stream through iPhone app.
  • Offered as an expensive premium feature only.

Recording Types

  • Video and audio cloud recording for easy access through iPhone.
  • Typically uses NVR/DVR recording boxes that need to be physically placed at the same location of cameras.
  • Requires cable coax or ethernet wiring.


  • Bank level and standardized marks of encryption between cameras, cloud and iPhone.
  • None.

Video quality

  • High quality - Full HD.
  • Low quality - Standard Definition.


  • Audio recording is a default feature.
  • Speakers allow output (speak through app).
  • Option available to enable or disable audio for selected cameras.
  • Typically, audio is not available.

Activity Based Recording (ABR)

  • Butterfleye monitors on a 24/7 basis, however it recognizes when human, loud noises, or other activity is present and only uploads video to the cloud when there’s activity.
  • It doesn’t upload hours of empty footage which saves you internet bandwidth, time, and money.
  • Not available. 24/7 video files will be recorded to be sorted and sifted through to find relevant clips.

Phone notifications

  • Butterfleye provides instant notifications to your iPhone.
  • Typically, there is no connection to internet so cameras do not provide notifications to your phone.

Money back guarantee

  • If you aren't 100% happy, contact us within 60 Days for a full hardware refund.
  • After you sign, there is no hardware refund or breaking of contract.

See it in action.